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Racism is prevalent in the Traditional Tae Kwon-Do Association

In spite battling cancer for 2
2 years and instructing the UNI Tae Kwon-Do for 45 years,
my Instructor and his wife react to my dedication and loyalty with the following...

I was diagnosed with cancer 22 years ago. In spite my battle, I continued teaching the UNI Tae Kwon-Do Club, producing Black Belts, Master Instructors, and officiating at National Tournaments. In 2017, Ms Yi told my students the story of an "ancient Korean philosophy" where teachers who are afflicted with illness must abandon their Instructorship, as illness is considered a weakness. To spare the embarrassment of having a dedicated cancer survivor associated with the SunYi organization, Ms Yi wrongfully taught me and my students I must abandon my goals as an Instructor, and step away from teaching, so that my students would never see a weak side.

I have since learned through the teachings of Honorable Grand Masters, there is no such Korean philosophy. The information I received from Ms Yi was unnecessary, insensitive, wrong, lacked integrity, wisdom, and was with discrimination.

Strong chemotherapy treatments have me sporting a new look...a bald head. Ms Yi told me, my students must never experience my hair loss, and that I should always wear a head covering both inside and outside the DoJang. I told Ms Yi that several of my students attend the same church services as I do where men traditionally remove their head covers.

Ms Yi suggested I should discontinue attending Sunday Mass, and not even talk to my students.
This business decision was made by the the SunYi organization because of the Professional jealousy experienced by the Minnesota student Instructors. With a thousand Black Belts in the SunYi organization, I am the only French Creole (African American) to achieve a ranking higher than the 3rd Dan. Additionally, I am the only Certified Master Instructor to have developed an unprecedented 968 Distinguished Black Belts, more than the other seven "TTA" Instructors combined.

Through the collaboration of Honorable Grand Masters, both here in the United States, and around the world, I am now respected and recognized in my fulfillment to the 9th Dan. I am humbled, and honored by the trust and faith these Korean Grand Masters have placed in me.

The true victims of this elaborate, reckless, and cruel hoax are my students...I offer my apologizes to each of you. I would hope my dedication towards your instruction and well being has been beneficial and an inspiration which you can cherish for a lifetime. Truly, discipline, courtesy, respect, and integrity are lacking in the SunYi organization.

What lengths Ms Yi and the Traditional Tae Kwon-Do Association have gone through to preserve their "Ethnic Purity." The Traditional Tae Kwon-Do Association is the only world-wide organization which labels their non-Asian Grand Master Instructors, "Jr." A French Creole (African American) has no hope of ever climbing the ladder of success in their Tae Kwon-Do world.

"My French Creole Life Matters"

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